Friday, April 9, 2010

Blessed is he, who watcheth...

Sometimes, a strong reverberation of the falsetto becomes a fulcrum to lift you out of your arrested development. In other words, the eclectic and the banal are so sure of their own identities that they do not remind themselves of the other's presence.
You might have noticed that the two sentences are completely unrelated to each other. In fact, these sentences might not even be related to themselves, but for the good of this article which has broken the perpi's hibernation, sab theek hai, everything's ok.
I watched no good films to add to this blog. I however saw what the Blessed One can do when requested to mix with the common man. I was chilling out in an airport boarding gate when a friend asked if I had any movies in my laptop to kill time. Anyone who knows my laptop well knows there is but one film in it worth watching here. So I showed him that, warning him of the after effects, "It will change your life."
Gunda ran for 5 minutes on my laptop before the flight call arrived and my friend just did one thing. He called his wife and asked her to scour the land for Gunda and Loha.

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