Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The future is bright, it is sailing in a balloon

These are tough times at Perpendicular High. Just the flood of wannabes posing as the real deal. Hah! Sorry, if you make a bad movie because you didn't know how to make a good one, you can't apply. RGV has recently done a lot of work towards gaining his entry to this exalted space, but he needs a little more time to find his own here.
I am told by a lot of Chennaivasis that Kandasamy is right up there. At those many crores, it is a colossus of bad cinema, they say. I have to repeat to all my friends who frequent Parry's, PERPENDICULAR FILMS AND BAD FILMS ARE TWO DIFFERENT ENTITIES. And I hate capital letters so don't make me say it again.
Still, I will give Kandasamy a go. Who knows what gems lie where.
There have been widespread rumours (which I somehow stopped from going to the press) that people are disappointed at the lack of regular updates. Well, for the last time using all-caps, WAIT! It is worth it.
In order to appease the dissent though, I have introduced a Twitter function to the right of this text. That can be updated with mini-gems now and then.

Anyway, to shoot up the Happiness-Index of our country, here are some of the upcoming posts on the beloved Perpi:

1. Some new movie posters which haven't been made but which I think should be made.
2. Movie reviews of Police Story or Agni IPS or both.
3. A critical analysis of Plan 9 from Outer Space.
4. A telepathic interview with... surprise!
5. A video of the child taking off in a balloon.
6. 5th point just kidding.



  2. Very funny :)

    Unless you are a hair-weaved music director or a police officer worried about one common man, girl, you raise perpi's bp with your capital letters.

  3. is it the same anu who makes bad tea every day and uses my second name as her second name.. in that case becase of ur dangerous liason with perpi, i will upload divorce papers to sendfile.com :( CoL

  4. yeh sab kya ho raha hai anu

  5. shanthanu gadhadhari bheem shanth :P

  6. @santanu ahem.. to start with my mr.'s first name itself starts with N and not S. so ur disqualified. and even if you did qualify by renaming as nantanu, u would still be disqualified. sorry i dont make tea. and N is for gender equality he makes the teas in the morning. LMHO (sorry for the caps perpi)

  7. @Santanu ahem... to start with my mr.'s name starts with N and not S. N stands for gender equality so he makes the tea. Good tea. LMHO (sorry perpi for hte caps)

  8. I recommend Kandasamy. Besh, besh.

  9. @anu: kindly refrain from using alphabetically inaccurate statements. N for Gender Equality? Should be Nender Equality. And what if Santanu's name is actually Nantanu?
    Tell, tell... tell gopi tell.

    @Sara: Please don't start another one. Are you Sarah or Saravanan?

  10. Apologies Anu. My wife sent a projectile saucer at me to say she didn't write. So I rest my case. But y o y would you want to write "ahem" twice over? that too different comments?
    @Perpi y o y would you not comment on that?

  11. To be Glen or to be Glenda whats in a genda'

  12. Y o y, I like it yaaa. There might have been a problem with submitting comments, yes Anu? I like ahem also.

    Talking of genda' benda' has any of you seen the Tamil comedian Vivek's new act in a movie where he acts like Saroja Devi. Howlarious.

  13. yeh sab kya ho raha hai kaikey

  14. Hey i finished a whole project since your last post. Time for some more new reccos please